Uncle Ebo Whyte names Kobina Ansah his successor

Playwright and CEO of Roverman Productions, Uncle Ebo Whyte, has been keeping the theatre industry vibrant, with numerous educative and comic plays, that highlight societal issues.

But discussion about the suitable successor to the 65-year old playwright has been simmering.

Well for fans who have been asking questions, the celebrated playwright already has eyes on a young man he believes would do a great job for the industry.

Uncle Ebo Whyte, on Monday, on his live flagship program, FOOD FOR THOUGHT, on Facebook, pointed to playwright Kobina Ansah, who was a guest on the show as his successor.

He said, “for those of you who have been asking me about what was next when I am gone, I have him here [pointing to Kobina Ansah]. He is crazy!”

Uncle Ebo Whyte stated that he shares the same kind of “madness” with the young writer.

Kobina Ansah is a young playwright who has six plays to his credit. His latest piece, The Boy Called A Girl, has been the talk of the town.

‘The Mirror’ columnist has woven the story around addictions and how many people struggle to deal with it such skeletons in their closets.

The piece also artistically touches on how a lot of people try to cover up their addictions by publicly condemning those same addictions.

The writer clearly notes how such addictions gradually destroy their victims and those around them.

Kobina Ansah is known for his queer style of telling stories and his endorsement from the king of modern Ghanaian theatre comes as no surprise.

In a Facebook post of a picture with his mentor Uncle Ebo Whyte, he wrote, “Tapping into the grace of consistency”.

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