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By Precious Madu

I made my debut with Scribe Productions in their The Boy Called A Girl stage play at the National Theater of Ghana in July 2019. I played the challenging role of a tomboy and went all out to create a lasting impression with my character.

Something thoughtful struck me after our performance that night at the theater. I realized that many people wanted to take pictures with me. Some wanted to have my contact number while others complimented me. One thing was clear from all that was happening; I had made a great impact on them. 

In my few years of acting on stage, I have come across a lot of lessons. Let me share a few of such;


The stage is a great place to teach and learn. After playing several roles in different productions, I have come to realize how a lot of people learn from my actions on stage. Whenever I assume the stage, my greatest aim is to make an impact and not just to recite my lines. Life is not all about talent but the impact we are able to make through our talent. 

 Respect for time 

Theater is time and time is theater. Everything with regard to stage productions is governed by time. Just a delay in a minute may change the plot of a story. It may affect the dialogue. Time has a rippling effect on every facet of the production. 

If you respect time, the stage will be yours and you will perform all the magic you want to. we can similarly do a lot with this life if we respect time. 

 Live your character outside the stage

Theater is for transformation. I am a testimony of how some roles have changed my perspectives about life. As a stage actress, I don’t only learn my lines. I live them and they become a vital part of me.

Any fan of stage plays will attest to the fact that they are never able to part away with some dialogues and monologues. They stick with them forever. Above all, they must ensure they live those lines.

 The rippling effect of energy

Environment is very important and this is made evident in stage performances. If the one you are performing with is dull, it will definitely affect your level of exuberance. On stage, you support other characters to give off their best because their performance influences yours as well. Even if it means learning another person’s lines, one must do so.

In life, we all should pump some good energy into those around us. When they give off their best, our best will be given as well.


Prayer is an integral part of life. As theater practitioners, we pray before and after rehearsals and even during our performances. I have come to realize how helpful it has been to what happens on stage. I sincerely believe that prayer is the foundation of every good actor.

Never forget to pray. That is life’s foundation.

Scribe Productions is a Ghanaian stage production house noted for musicals such as The Boy Called A Girl, My Wife-in-law and I Want To Sue God among others.

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