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By Stephen Adjah Tetteh (McAdjah)

I have had a love for stage plays since my high school days. I was very active in our school’s drama team and I always vowed to take this passion to the next level if I had the opportunity to.

I joined Scribe Productions in 2014 after passing their auditions successfully. I was pretty excited at this new adventure, considering the fact that I was going to play a lead role in their 2015 play, This Family Is Not For Sale: Season 1.

For the past six years and counting, I have played different roles with the stage production outfit. All through this period, I have grown my craft as a comic actor and, above all, I have learnt some great lessons. Some of these lessons include;  

1. Time Management

Stage productions have helped me managed my time. Since my first production with Scribe, I have become super conscious about showing up on time for rehearsals because time consciousness is the hallmark of the production house. 

Our team leader has constantly urged us to be on time or, at least, be ahead of it. Even when we know we can't make it on time, he tells us to alert whoever we are meeting that we may run late due to circumstances beyond our control. This builds trust and confidence in whoever one is meeting.

I have applied this time management skill in my daily endeavors and I must confess it has benefitted me a great deal.

2. Patience

This might seem a bit odd but ever since I joined Scribe Productions, I have learnt to be extra patient with everything I want. As long as this production firm is concerned, I have come to understand that perfection is achievable especially when one is patient. 

Our shows may not attract the masses but it definitely becomes the talk of town even months after they have been staged. This is all because of the patience we have come to know, understand and believe in. 

Patience is such a beautiful asset to have in life.

3. Sacrifice

I have been with other stage production houses and I can boldly say that the level of sacrifice others are willing to make to ensure that the person they are performing with succeeds is unrivaled at Scribe Productions. I remember vividly how the late Ronny Armah, one of our actors, will constantly try to help you remember your lines and costume and even share the little food he has with you. This trait could be found in almost every team member. 

Our leader has found a way to make us believe we are a family and only when we are there wholeheartedly for each other can we achieve greatness.

4. Enhanced Personality

I must admit I used to worry about lots of things. I used to think that I needed certain things or people to make my life better. With Scribe Productions and Scribe tidbits, I have come to really understand that certain aspects of life are just meant to be lived. I have also learnt to forgive easily. 

I remember some years ago when I had a misunderstanding with our team leader and despite the things I said, he still called me for a role and we have been working cordially ever since. I believe since my first play with Scribe, I have become a better person.

5. Team Work

At Scribe Productions, it will easily dawn on you that you are never left behind. Even when you are not part of the play, there are several roles to play backstage. This has helped me to understand a bigger picture of a stage production ― teamwork. 

For every stage production, one will notice that the real heroes are those behind the scenes ensuring a successful show. Every single team member is deeply and highly appreciated and motivated to go the extra because the success of the show depends largely on us. 

Scribe Productions is undoubtedly the best production house I have worked with.

Scribe Productions is a Ghanaian stage production house noted for musicals such as The Boy Called A Girl, My Wife-in-law and I Want To Sue God among others. 



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